SPAX-M, partial thread, flat countersunk head, T-STAR plus, T20, CUT point, WIROX, Diameter Ø 4 mm

  • Application: Bolting fibreboards (MDF/HDF)
  • No pre-drilling (wood-dependent) thanks to special SPAX CUT point
  • Effectively reduces splitting and bulging of the material
  • Cut point screw in

Special features

T-STAR plus

Positive and secure fit of the BIT and better driving, e. g. when working overhead.

Small 75° milling head

Clean, flush sinking of the screw head.

SPAX typical ground serrations

Quick and secure fastening.

CUT point

Precision placement allows screwing in without pre-drilling (wood-dependent). Effectively reduces splitting of the wood.


WIROX surface with high protection against corrosion, it is free from chromium-VI, and is hence considerably more environmentally friendly than conventional surfaces.


Made in Germany

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