Uncompromising quality for safety without compromise

If you want to eliminate any doubts at all about safety, you must not compromise on quality.

SPAX will make no compromises on this point in the future either.

Quality and safety on which one can rely take absolute top priority with our "Made in Germany" fasteners.

With SPAX, you’re always on the safe side!


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Certified proof of origin from TÜV NORD – for product clarity and consumer protection

In the interests of consumer protection and product clarity, the German technical inspectorate TÜV NORD has developed the "Certified Proof of Origin". This is the first time that an independent certification body has confirmed to customers that the value added of a product is created in the stated country and that the company also contributes to strengthening the country's standing as an industrial and business location through, for example, the intensity of its training and investment activities.

TÜV NORD awards the "Made in Germany" certification mark to companies that feel a special commitment to Germany as a business location and clearly demonstrate this through the geographical positioning of their production facilities. The certified company must actively acknowledge its social responsibility and make demonstrable efforts to create and maintain jobs and training places in the country of manufacture.

Clear commitment to quality and safety

SPAX International is fully committed to Germany as a business location

SPAX has voluntarily undergone this complex test procedure devised by TÜV. The manufacturing process at the plant was scrutinised by the TÜV inspectors who conducted on-site audits, supplier surveys and document reviews. SPAX has passed all voluntary product tests in this regard without any problems and has now been certified with the protected merchandise mark “Made in Germany” for its SPAX-branded screws.

SPAX's corporate philosophy was and is to manufacture on home soil in order to fully meet its own high quality standards. Now, customers not only have SPAX's own promise, but also the official proof that all SPAX are "Made in Germany". In this way, SPAX International is making a conscious contribution to securing the economic future of Germany, but also to providing customers and partners with the highest degree of transparency possible. For the company will always aspire to produce high-quality, quality-controlled products, while at the same time keeping a keen eye on social responsibility and customer interests. And the SPAX brand guarantees all customers maximum safety and quality.

A high degree of safety, quality and continuity. Reliable and uncompromising for the highest of demands.

Voluntary technical monitoring as a guarantee of safety

The EU Commission has decided to change the level in the Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) system for our products and to reduce it in future from 2+ to 3. This applies to our products, which are regulated by European Technical Assessment (ETA) approval and therefore bear the CE mark. Level 3 means that we are no longer obliged to have an independent material testing institute (notified certification body) carry out inspections and that in-house production controls are sufficient.

In our opinion, this downgrade represents a departure from the proven principle of dual control and thus leads to a lower level of consumer confidence in the products. To counteract this, SPAX continues to undergo voluntary technical monitoring by MPA Stuttgart (Material Testing Institute University of Stuttgart). The products are labelled on the packaging with this distinct seal of approval.

This means that our customers can continue to have full confidence in SPAX quality, which is continuously tested by an external body. After all, safety must always come first! We accept our responsibility to do all we can to ensure the safety of our products and our customers.



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