SPAX principles

Principles you can rely on.

Markets all over the world can rely on the quality of SPAX.

We at SPAX rely on our highly qualified employees whose knowledge and skills ensure our joint success.

We consciously take responsibility for each location and our employees. That’s something else that can be relied on.

We have outlined the principles that govern our entrepreneurial and social activities in five guiding principles. So that it’s clear to everyone what they can rely on with SPAX.

  1. Under the brand SPAX we offer absolute top quality to ensure our customers are 100% happy.
  2. We manufacture in Germany, but our market is the world.
  3. Our employees secure our competitiveness and our know-how through their many years with SPAX and a sense of responsibility towards the company.
  4. We take responsibility for those who support our success: our employees and their families – even in bad times.
  5. It’s not just screws that connect us.



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